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Toy Boy Flirt Dating Tips. Hints and Tips for Younger Men looking for Older Women, and sexy mature ladies looking for a Toyboy. It's important to find the best possible partner. Do your homework and get it right first time. It's worth it to find lasting and fulfilling happiness.

Get your Profile looking irresistible
When you become a member of Toyboy Flirt you'll create your own PROFILE and add a PHOTO. This will ADVERTISE YOU. It's important to get this right, because this is what will lead to a successful liaison. A poor Profile and Picture will be a turn-off to some members when they view your details. Take some time to make your profile read well. Make it interesting, but not too long. Sound positive, explain your good points, but don't boast or brag. Your profile will be read by people who know nothing about you, so paint a picture of what you are like. Make it funny, but not silly. Get a friend to write a summary of how they see you. Get ideas on writing a good profile by reading other peoples profiles. An original, humorous profile can make all the difference. Sell yourself and demonstrate exactly why someone should date you.

Choose a good photo. Avoid distant shots where you cannot be seen. Go for a good quality close up image. Try to have just you in the photo. Don't have your arm around another person. Don't crop a photo of you getting pissed in the pub, or pulling a face. Make sure your photo is fairly recent. A sharp, quality photograph is much better than a blurred or faded photo. It's worth taking the time to get a photo taken specifically for your profile. If you're going to the effort of online dating then it's worth making a good impression. If you want to get a photo uploaded quickly you can use our MMS Service and take a photo on your Mobile Phone, then submit is straight away. If you have a web cam you can easily take a snap with our "snapper" tool. This is extra-good because your photo gets marked as a "photo taken on your web-cam" and, because it is genuinely you it adds an element of security and honesty to your profile.

All profiles and photo's are manually checked and only go live when they are approved. Bear this in mind and don't submit offensive material or images of parts of your body that most people would rather see in private, if at all.

How to get more and better responses
We've talked about getting the Profile and Photo right. Give yourself a "tick" for that. Another important part of this dating game is to log in and check your Toyboy Flirt account at least every day. Show some activity, whether it's adding a story or comment to your Online Diary, reading and replying to messages, surfing and messaging other members or just sending out some winks. Visitors can see how active you have been on the site, and your profile will go to the front of the search list.

Communication is the Key
Always try to respond to every message you get. Be active, be chatty and make contact with as many people as you can. After a while you'll find that you are drawn to one particular person, so then it's time to concentrate on them. When you communicate make sure you take an interest and remember what they have mentioned, read their messages carefully and even make notes. For example, if they mentioned they were having their hair done you must remember to ask about it the day after. This makes you stand out because you show an interest. Everyone wants to be made to feel wanted and not neglected. Remember to NOT talk about yourself all the time. Show an interest in "them" and ask questions.

How to create the right impression - online
Online communication is very different than in real life. People tend to hide behind the shield of their computer screen and can sometimes say things they would never say face-to-face. This is both good and bad. Good because even if you're shy you can be a chatterbox - no-one can see your red face. Bad because you have the confidence (or balls) to say something you might regret if you go on to meet someone later. This is when those little lies that sounded impressive at the time are going to bite you on the bum. Often that's a reason that some people pull-out of an actual, physical meeting when it arrives. "OMG I said I was 6 foot tall, she's going to see i'm very short". What we're suggesting is to be honest. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun. Always think of something interesting to talk about. Make notes throughout the day if it helps. One of the great features at Toyboy Flirt is to send and receive GIFTS. Send someone a Virtual Gift. Choose an item that conveys your thoughts about them - like a bunch of Red Roses, or a glass of Champagne or a Sex Toy.

How to create the right impression - face to face dating
Your Good Impression starts well before you actually meet on your Flirt Date. Agree on the most suitable place to meet. Agree how long it should be for - a brief first date is better than both going in blindly, not knowing when it's time to say goodnight. Prepare for the date by making yourself look and smell nice. A small gift may be appropriate, but is must be small and inexpensive. Bigger gifts might follow. Think about what you might talk about. Make a decision not to mention specific things - like how terrible your husband was in bed, or how nice your last girlfriend was and why she was mad to have dumped you.

During the date show more interest in your partner, and less time telling them about yourself. Smile and be receptive. Make the right sounds when they are talking to show you are listening and make them feel important. Don't rush anything. Don't expect anything. Relax and pay attention and try to "read" your partners thoughts, without assuming too much. Don't be surprised if the spark you had felt while talking online hasn't worked out now you've met them - face-to-face meetings are so different, you both need to give it time.

Where to meet for your first date
Think about WHERE you are going to meet. Make sure it is suitable for both of you. A noisy club, or down at your "local" is not always the best choice for a first date. You may want to find somewhere that neither of you will be seen by people who know you. Be mindful of your age gap and go somewhere that is comfortable for both your ages. Don't select a venue merely to "show off" your new date to other people. Get to know them in the right environment first. If you have talked intimately online you may be happy just to use a hotel room or one of you might have somewhere to spend time in private. Always bear in mind the better safety aspect of meeting in a public place on your first date.

The age gap. How to be aware of and overcoming age-gap problems
It is quite common for people who have never dated anyone significantly older or younger to go into the relationship without thinking or worrying too much about the issues you both might have to face. That's not to say that there are thousands of people who are very happy living with an age-gap relationship but it's worth considering the potential outcome. If it is planned to be more of a casual relationship then there is less of an issue. First consider each other. A young man with an older woman should run through the age projections - if he is 20 and she is 45 then consider, when he is 30 she is 55, when he is 40 she is 65, when he is 50 she is 75 etc. Consider if you might want children at some point? Try to establish what you personally want from the relationship and be sure that it is right for you.

You should also be aware of the taboo's and assumptions that friends and family can make. Older women can be seen as taking advantage and not following the expected rules of engagement. Younger men can be labelled as "opportunists" and again, taking advantage of an older woman if she is recently widowed or divorced, or for her sexual and spiritual needs, and especially condemned if the woman is financially secure. An older/younger partner can be seen as a "trophy", as something to show off. You may lose the trust of Family and Friends if they are left to make their own assumptions, so try to get them to meet your new lover and get to know them as a person, not an object.

Why women go for younger men
Some women like younger men. Many dream of sex with a fit and youthful man, who is more likely to have more energy and sexual stamina than men of their own age. Females in a stagnant relationship may have experienced being taken for granted, unloved and not satisfied in the love department. Older men have traditionally strayed off with a younger woman, but ladies these days are "doing it for themselves" and getting what they feel they deserve. When a woman gets older she may feel life is passing, or has passed her by. Cue the Toyboy.

Why young men are attracted to older women
Lots of men find that girls their own age are silly and "girly". Men have deep maternal feelings and an older woman can offer experience and security. Older women, for some men are less of a threat than younger women, and she is likely to be more grateful, more exciting and more fun. Men may have also exhausted the choice of younger girls and the thought of being pampered and loved by an older sexy woman is strong.

Online Dating for people already in a relationship
People often disagree about what is right or wrong when "messing about" outside their relationship and it is a complex issue, with a variety of pros and cons, mainly if it is right or wrong to deceive an established partner - girl friend or wife / boyfriend or husband. It depends on your personal situation. How would you feel if your partner was chatting online and flirting with someone else? How would you feel if they were having intimate discussions online? How would you feel if they actually went out on a date or had sex with someone they met online? One step can lead to another. If you think it's wrong then maybe online dating is not for you.

But there are many people struggling in a relationship who are attracted to the thrill of flirting with someone else - online or in the flesh. You have to decide. You might try some harmless flirting in secret and online dating serves this need and can often help people to cope with an unhappy relationship, and one that they possibly don't want to change. A casual no-strings fling might be a healthy choice.

How to Date Online without getting caught
Toyboy Flirt is designed to be discreet and totally anonymous. You just need to take care. It's not always that you are being secretive, but many people (like single parents) don't want their kids to know what they do on the computer while they are tucked up in bed asleep. So just a few rules to cover your tracks :- Keep all your communication online - don't give phone numbers out. Take care to delete all old email messages and clear out the Cache on your computer. Delete your browsing history. When you are online have a back-up screen running which you can click onto if anyone comes up behind you unexpectedly. A good tip here is to have a screen of gifts that you can pretend to be browsing should you get rudely interrupted. Remember to close down your screen if you go to answer the phone etc.

How to please an older woman
Why do you think your older woman is interested in you? Find this out and then you can try to give her what she needs and wants. Bear in mind what she has experienced in her life. Has she been married, divorced, widowed? Has she loved someone previously, or is she still loving someone? Are you just the plaything? Apart from these specific desires she is a woman. Generally all women like to be respected and treated as an intelligent person. Only treated as a sex object when they choose to be. Don't beg for sex. Please her by paying compliments and giving her attention (gifts can help but not over the top gifts). She will like cuddles and being told she smells nice and looks sexy. Treating her well means you'll never have to ask for sex, it will come easily to those who wait. Above all be honest and be the man she wants you to be.

How to please your Toyboy
What does your Toyboy want from this relationship? Find this out and you'll be able to give him what he wants. Don't assume he just wants sex - he probably does, and he may not turn out to be the sexual performer you were hoping for, but all men like to feel they are in control. You can make him feel like King of The World by paying him compliments and making sure whatever he does for you is amazing and appreciated. Don't give everything away too quickly in bed. Save up those special treats for next time. Keep the boy interested and begging for more.

Who picks up the bill?
There are no hard and fast rules about who pays, but both partners should always offer to pay half, or even pay for it all. As you get to know each other, and depending on your financial situations one of you may pay more than the other, but never quarrel about it.

Using and Abusing
It depends what sort of relationship you are going into. It could be purely sexual, or it could be companionship that you'd like to last for some years. A casual relationship with the intention of experiencing some NSA carnal pleasures can bring with it a little bit of using and abusing. It's okay if both partners understand completely where they stand, but it can be a disaster if one of you mistakenly misjudged what was acceptable and what was not. Make sure you clearly understand the limits you are restricted to, or the relationship will end. Better to play safe at first.

Safe Sex
Never skimp on the safety side of sex. You may be meeting up with someone who has had a few sexual partners. You don't need to discuss the matter, but assume you are not the first, and you don't want to catch a dreadful STD from an old partner way down the line. Take no chances.

Creative Date Ideas
One way of keeping a new relationship "new" is to avoid boredom and keep complacency at bay. Always try to think of exciting things you can do together. Not just in the bedroom, but places to go and things to see and do. We've put together a list to help you >>>

How to end a relationship
Nobody want this to happen, but it can't be helped sometimes. It easier to end a relationship than to decide if and when you should end it. Many people go on and on trying to make a poor partnership work, and both people find they are having a miserable existence. It also depends at what stage you are at. If it's still just online, early days you can easily just send a message to say it's been nice talking to you but i'm moving on now, thanks. It gets more difficult as a relationship develops further but you sometimes have to be cruel to be kind. It's harder when you string people along because you don't want to hurt their feelings with rejection. Be decisive and always do it tactfully and with respect.

Taking a successful relationship further
So it's all going well. You've met someone you get along with. You're so glad you joined Toyboy Flirt (so glad that you write to tell us). Now you want to arrange to meet that special person you've been chatting to online. It's really easy, apart from the logistics of where you both live, to agree a date and a place. Just prepare well and take heed of the tips we discussed in "How to create the right impression on your first date"

What is a Cougar?
A Cougar is a tern for a woman, 35 years of age or older, who is interested in younger men, typically more than eight years younger than her.

What is a Puma?
A Puma is a woman in her late twenties or early thirties who dates a younger man of 20-something. A Puma is sometimes considered a "cougar in training". Puma's are attracted to young men where the age gap is less than eight years. Previously Unhappily Married and Attractive.

What is a Cub?
A Cub is a Toyboy - a younger male who is going out with an older partner, often paired with the term Cougar.

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