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Dating Older Women

Advice for Young Men
One thing that lets down a mature woman is a man that is just too silly. It's great to have a laugh, and its fun to be naughty at times, but many young men forget that they have a real woman, with feelings and her own desires for her future happiness.

Most women like to be spoiled at times. To feel loved and a little bit special. Older women go after younger men for a number of reasons. As a man you Menyou need to be aware of these reasons. Then you can work hard at making sure she is satisfied. Your rewards will be far more than you can imagine.

Treat her well
Have fun with her but never disrespect her or say dorogotory things, even if you are joking. She is older than you, but don't dwell on this fact. Never say anything or do anything that makes her feel her age. She wants to feel young again. Treat her as if she is an equal, on your wavelentgh and feels the same age as you. She needs to feel included in your life, not an add-on.

Women love to be spoiled. You don't have to spend a lot of money on her. Compliments cost nothing. Tell her how gorgeous she is. Think about her a lot. Try to make her feel like she is the most wanted and most important thing in your life. When you talk about things make a big effort to remember what she says. Then next time, or even days later, ask her about what she said. Take an interest in her friends and family. Remember their names and take an interest in what goes on in her life. She will be so amazingly happy and grateful if she know you are listening to her 100%.


Where to go on dates
If you're 20sih and love clubbing, and she's 45 and loves gardening where do you think she'd like to go? A nightclub?
You might enjoy an afternoon buying some plants and then helping her to pop some pretty flowers into her garden. So, the choice of venue for a date will demonstrate how thoughtful you are. Try to think less about yourself and more about her.

How to keep your chin up when her relatives give you black looks
Chances are she might have a son your age, even worse a daughter. Her kids may not accept that their mom is seeing a Toy Boy and you might come in for some stick.They might think you are only after her money. The best advice is to be confident when you meet them, not too arrogant or cocky. Demonstrate that you have a degree of maturity and really care for their mother and you love her for the right reasons. Never run down her kids or family when you talk to your woman. It's best if you can like them, even if you think they don't like you. Make life easy by biting your tongue someimes.

Dating an older woman is a bit of a laugh
Really? Too many young men believe that dating a mature woman is a giggle. They may boast to their mates about what they get up to. If you think like this you'll find that the relationship will fail. Always treat your woman with respect. If your mates have a dig at her, politely correct them and always support your older lover. If they are real mates they will respect you for your commitment to your cougar.




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